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With Colorfil™, you can experience clean air and peace of mind wherever life takes you, be it at home, your office or even outer space!


Our filters rock at removing toxic chemicals, allergens, and smells caused by pets, mildew, cooking, trash, and other household odors to create the best air quality experience for you and your family.


Don’t spend all your time at home? No worries! Colorfil can keep you covered in medical buildings, animal hospitals, commercial facilities, rental properties, offices and pet stores.

industrial / automotive

Colorfil isn’t just pretty, it can save lives. We’re working with NASA to build filters for spacesuits and spacecraft. Other industrial applications include semiconductor, cleanroom, automotive, data center, fuel cell, aircraft and military.

colorfil sx

Colorfil™ acid-removal coating designed to remove acidic and acid-forming gases (e.g. SO2) from ambient air with lower pressure drop and higher removal capacity than commercial products.

ASHRAE 145.1-based tests (industry standard test for gas phase filtration)

colorfil am

Colorfil™ AM coatings are capable of removing ammonia (NH3), organic amines, heterocyclic amines, and other urine/pet/food-related odors from air with higher removal efficiency and lower cost relative to activated carbon-impregnated media.

ASHRAE 145.1-based tests (industry standard test for gas phase filtration)

serionix colorfil filters

We are bringing our revolutionary Colorfil™ coating–designed to tackle the toughest challenges by NASA and Army–to your family, pets, homes and cars. Unlike conventional filters which only remove particulates, Colorfil™ also targets odors and toxic chemicals, while killing viruses, bacteria, and mold.

Our coating features a vibrant color change which gives an unambiguous indication of filter condition: either “I’m working” or “replace me!”

Colorfil AM Pet and animal odors, bathroom odors, ammonia, amines and other basic gases
Colorfil SX Acidic gases (e.g. SO2) and Acids
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